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Purpurina Effect - LATEST UPDATE

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Adres and Laura who are animal test projects made by what th...

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Project Prime

The Derideal expanded universe spin-off stories....

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The Legend of the Rose is a fantasy story about a fallen kni...

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Purpurina Effect

A series of short funny strips with almost no sense....

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The Void

Explore The Void laboratory prison in this new Derideal spin...

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Derideal Legacy

Like the new Derideal but curious about the original story? ...

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Reptile character guide

Guide for reptile characters Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs, this time I decided to go for some notes about reptiles or Dirimas as they are called in my Derideal webcomic. These characters are very similar to the little mice (Exigus) of my webcomic in terms of size, […]

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